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As we all know, plastic mold plastic processing industry and supporting the plastic molding machine, plastic products, in order to give the complete configuration and the exact size of the tool. In the production of plastic mold, we must strictly control the temperature, so that its impact on the plastic mold.
So, what impact on the temperature of the plastic mold will it?
1, deformation.
Plastic mold temperature stability, the cooling rate equalization can reduce the deformation of the article. Inconsistent wall thickness and shape of complex products, often occur due to uneven shrinkage and deformation of the case, it must use the appropriate cooling system, so that all parts of the temperature of the mold and the core remains substantially uniform, so that the cavity inside plastic melt simultaneously set.
2, the dimensional accuracy.
The use of plastic mold temperature control system to maintain a constant temperature, can reduce the volatility of product mold shrinkage, increase the stability of product size accuracy. Where possible case of using a lower mold temperature can help reduce the mold shrinkage products. For example, crystalline plastics, because of the lower mold temperature, low crystallinity products, lower crystallinity can reduce shrinkage. But the article is not conducive to the crystallization of low dimensional stability, from the dimensional stability, we need to appropriately raise the temperature of the mold, the article uniform crystal.