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Injection mold production of plastic products is a tool that gives plastic structural integrity and precise dimensions. However, in the injection mold during use, or will inevitably be a variety of issues, and each time maintenance need to waste a lot of time and manpower, so we should try to reduce the probability of an injection mold maintenance.
Below, we explain how to reduce the chances of an injection mold maintenance.
1, womb problems to be avoided. Mold design and manufacturing process is the "pregnancy", this time not have problems, otherwise repair is unavoidable.
2, production control. Similar table runner plug iron pin card and PIN mold bad things to be avoided.
3, standardization and inventory of wearing parts. Thimble, spring, Secretary extinguishers, guide posts, guide sleeve, etc. to try to unify specifications, equipment inventory.
4, usually three maintenance Production of a two maintenance and repair sector to mold a solid place.
5, standardized processes, strengthen the scientific knowledge of injection molding training, try to do no harm in the production mold. Low-voltage protection setting clamping speed, clamping force, injection speed, holding pressure, mold temperature and other parameters such as improper will be great damage to the mold.