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Qingdao hetai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, the company occupies 11 acres with a registered capital of 300 million yuan a whole, it plans additional $ 200 million. My company employs approximately 50 people, including two senior engineers, mid-level title 3, undergraduate or higher degree of management and R & D personnel 5.
Our company is the manufacture of PVC conical twin-screw extruder and PE \ PP \ PP-R \ ABS single-screw extruder and its production line and auxiliary production and development of professional manufacturers, the company's development so far, and people relying on Thai Plastic Machinery 11 years of experience in the industry, from the plastic mechanical design, manufacturing, production, sales, service has been delivered to customers, has accumulated a wealth of successful experiences. Our company can require the operator to continuously improve the product features that make the device easier to operate and more practical. My company's production philosophy is production operations clips, easy to maintain the high quality of the production line.
Our main products are:
1, PVC \ PE \ PP \ ABS \ PS plastic sheet production line equipment
Plastic sheet production line equipment
Plastic corrugated sheet production line equipment
Three and five co-extruded sheet plate production line equipment
2, PVC \ PE \ PP \ PP-R plastic pipe production line equipment
Corrugated pipe production line equipment
Fiber tube production line equipment
Steel pipe production line equipment
Insulating pipe production line equipment
3, PVC \ PE WPC profile production line equipment
PVC plastic doors and windows profile production line equipment
PVC production line equipment lines
PVC wall panel production line equipment
PVC siding Production Line Equipment
Fourth, high cold mixer
Mix color machine
Other auxiliary equipment crusher
Our products sell well at home and abroad, exported to Russia, Iran, Africa, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Syria, Mongolia and other countries and regions
My company sells a flexible way, the price is reasonable, "honesty is the root, quality-oriented, technological innovation, contributing to society" is our eternal faith and pursuit. I will be high-quality products, improve service, and constantly open up new era of plastic machinery, so that efficiency and social value simultaneously increased.